Auralphonic 008: Podfic and Money

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Join Dodificus and Jenepod as they discuss podfic and money, including fundraising, resume building, and professional opportunities for audiobooks and other voice work, and then rec some of their favourite podfics.

To find links to all the sites and podfics discussed in this and past episodes, check out our pinboard.


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4 Responses to Auralphonic 008: Podfic and Money

  1. As a “part 2,” of sorts, to this episode, it might be interesting to hear about non-fannish audio narration that’s not done for profit–I’m thinking of recordings of public domain books/poems/stories/plays (e.g., Librivox–I think luzula did some recordings for that site?), or recordings of one’s friends’ original fic, or unauthorised recordings of works still under copyright. How is the experience of making these recordings different from the experience of making podfic? Are there communities surrounding these other forms (there obviously is with Librivox; and for another example there’s also at least one regularly occurring Shakespeare read-aloud coordinated through tumblr), and how do these communities differ from and/or dovetail with podfic fandom? I was super-intrigued by your and lunchee’s thoughts/info in this episode, and am ruminating on branching out into non-fannish recording myself; it would be interesting to hear from other kinds of “crossover podficcers.”

    • auralphonic

      I think it’s really interesting how many different trains of thought can branch off from each topic.

      I’m interested in finding out more about the parts of podfic fandom that I don’t even really *know* about, the youtube podficcers, the people that are recording stuff but have never even heard the term podfic before.

      And yeah, it never even occurred to me to think about all the communities that don’t quite belong to the podfic community but kind of do too?

  2. the dragongirl

    I don’t know how much of the next episode you already have planned out, but for incredible use of sound effects and music, it’s really worth checking out the massive multi-voice podfic of Sansukh ( It’s still a work in progress (only the first two chapters are complete) but the mods on that project are doing some really amazing things with sound engineering.

    • auralphonic

      I saw all the excitement of auditions and casting as it was happening on tumblr but I didn’t know they’d started posting:D

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