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We want to hear your comments and opinions on the topics we discuss! If you have a TalkBack submission or a podfic rec, please send it to us. We’d prefer TalkBacks in audio form, but if you don’t have the capability, we’d love written ones as well, which we can read out on air.

Please be aware that we might not have time on the podcast to play the entirety of every TalkBack, so we may edit your submissions for length. However, we will link to your complete submissions on the episode page, so that people can hear your full response.

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  1. luvtheheaven

    I know this is rambly and long (over 7 minutes)… So feel free to not use anything from it. But here, I did record a talkback for you guys!!

    Download link:

    Streaming link:

  2. Cloudlake

    In response to ep 006 and as you prep for the 007 tips for newbies:
    44 MB (29.5 MB zipped), 4 min 2 sec

    Ironically my trick for reducing clicks didn’t pay off very well as I recorded this response! Blah. It worked better in my stories. Anyhoo. Will investigate more.

    My list of tips (I’ll add to it as I go):

    • auralphonic

      Thanks for you talkback, you raise a lot of great points and I can’t wait to talk about them in the podcast!

      • Cloudlake

        Awesome! I can’t wait to hear it! (BTW my tips file is changing alot in the m4b section. I’m still much of a newb with the format. so those may not be the best tips yet.)

  3. Cloudlake

    Ep 003: regarding audacity and “cut lines” – I just found where they can be enabled! Edit > Preferences > Tracks -> enable cut lines. They show up as red lines for me. This will be a game changer!

  4. Here you go, a talkback in reaction to episode 12 about my POV on genuinely loving Teen Wolf. 😛's%20talkbacks/luvtheheaven's%20Teen%20Wolf%20talkback%20for%20episode%2012.mp3 (sorry for not editing out my few mis-speaking moments. I think it’s clean enough to be understandable and I didn’t want to spend the time to fix it. So this is raw, exactly what I recorded, no editing.)

  5. jayeinacross

    RE: Episode 14, I just wanted to say that even as someone who doesn’t record or listen to podfic (yet), I really like listening to your podcast. It’s always interesting to hear about the processes of something I’m not involved in, and there’s so much to learn about podficcing and the podfic fandom!

    When I started listening to Auralphonic, I’d been aware of podfic for a long time, but I was surprised to hear about the negative reactions some people have to it and how its legitimacy as a fanwork is questioned. This honestly baffles me, because there’s so much technical and logistical work that goes into making podfic as well as creative effort, and because all fanworks are derivative in some way. Podfic brings completely new elements to a fic. Nobody ever argues that acting isn’t a legitimate art because someone else wrote the script.

    In conclusion: you guys are awesome, I love listening to your podcast, podfic is Real.

  6. I don’t know if this posted to your last entry. If not, here you go!
    Hello lovely people, I have two recs for the Harry Potter Podfic episode.

    The first is a perfect 13 hour reading of Drop Dead Gorgeous, written by maya and read by heatherifics. Everything about this podfic is beautiful – Harry’s point of view comes to life through her very entertaining delivery of this hilarious and touching story of Harry’s trials and tribulations of being part veela, and of suffering a giant crush on Draco Malfoy. Her character voices are spot on. I have listened to it multiple times.

    The second is reparo written by amalin & read by pennyplainknits. This epic, six-part Harry/Draco fic that takes place immediately following book 7. Penny’s reading is both a delight and very thoughtful, and I had to try not to cry at my desk listening to it because of how well she reads the story, and also because Harry Potter. It is basically an 8th book EWE (epilogue-what-epilogue?) and I highly recommend it.

    Love you guys!

    • auralphonic

      Success, finally! Sorry about the website deciding you weren’t a real person:P

      Reparo was my gateway podfic into this fandom, penny is some kind of horrible magician, god knows how many goats she’s sacrificed to the podfic gods. I haven’t tried the first one and since I’ve just finished a 10+ hour HP podfic, now is a good time for me to check it out.

    • Oh and it doesn’t really matter, that’s why I’m only writing this as text and not making a “Talkback part 2”, but my aside in my talkback about Luna and Tonks being in a lot of femslash — both were characters introduced in my favorite book in the series, Book 5 Order of the Phoenix, but it’s true that they didn’t exist as characters if you joined the fandom too early, if you read stories too early, etc and I have not actually listened to any femslash HP podfics myself, so idk if any of the stories written about Luna or Tonks have made it into podfic form. So there is that.

      What I do know is that Luna is THE MOST developed female character who is the same generation as the main characters other than Ginny and Hermione, and Tonks with her punk rock attitude and hair, especially as she looks in the movies, is the closest to butch representation a lot of queer girls/women feel they can find in these books. (A lot of people headcanon Luna as all sorts of shades of queer too, even if they don’t write fics. My favorite headcanons involve making everyone asexual or on the aromantic spectrum haha so I’m glad Luna is one that people commonly do make aro and/or ace.)

  7. kerravon

    Talkback for episode 15 – just an extra ‘music’ trick you might like (and probably already know):

    This is my first try at a talkback, so I’m leaving it here and emailing it as well.

    Hope you like it? (*hides in embarrassment*)

  8. exmanhater

    Not a real talkback, but I wanted to mention that if anyone is worried about losing access to the old Garageband when upgrading to a new computer, all you need to do is make sure you back up your old mac via Time Machine (Apple’s internal backup system), and then set up your new machine from that backup. It will keep the old Garageband and all your templates, etc! This worked for me, and for one other person I know who tried, but obviously, with tech stuff and different versions you can never be totally sure, so ymmv. And sadly, it will update your iTunes :/

  9. ofjustimagine

    Turns out I had stuff to say about Garageband! (also please lmk if I screwed up the share settings; it’s very late :P)

  10. annapods

    Warning: this is pretty long and rambly and feel free to ignore most of it

  11. This is more like me deciding to make my own podcast episode than actually a talkback. Lol. Over 25 minutes, yes. Clearly I need to listen to a podcast about vidding or something because most of this talkback ended up being about my experiences in the fanvid world. Lol!! But I felt like it all was related to podfic in SOME way and circled back to being a talkback for your permission episode?? 😛 Anyway feel free to not include ANY of it in your actual show, I totally do not blame you. If you do pick out like 1 min to use I’ll be curious to find out which part you choose but… SERIOUSLY I already have been featured in other eps of yours and this is my worst talkback yet. No obligation to use this. I had fun with it regardless. 😛's%20talkbacks/luvtheheaven's%20Talkback%20for%20Permission%20Ep%20(really%20just%20rambling%20about%20vidding%20etc).mp3

  12. annapods

    *throws all my unedited thoughts at you and then runs away into the night*

    • annapods

      Ok, I need make some amendments to my talkback:
      – about the game dynamics thing: I may have been a little too categorical here. For one, there’s Choose Your Own Inquisitor by Hananobira, read by blackglass, Hananobira, Kess, Opalsong, RsCreighton, SomethingIncorporeal (posted a few days ago as part of podtogether (and it is AMAZING)), and also, there’s the “interactive” tag on Ao3 (and the “experimental style” one too for good measure), so it’s not like there’s nothing to podfic. (Really, thank fudge for Ao3’s tagging system.) I’m of course currently reading my way through those and dreaming about recording everything.
      – about the commissions thing: there was a discussion on twitter, I’m sure you know which one I’m talking about, that pretty much answered all my question, so thanks!

  13. kaixo

    Re: Podfic 027

    Hello! I’m a fanficcer who’s just struck up an acquaintance with a podficcer and as such, am only just becoming aware of the complications you guys have involving this space. I do have some thoughts on the disputes /tensions between writer and podficcer, but they are fuzzy and unformed at the moment, so I’ll need to listen/read and engage with more podficcer’s povs before I say anything nearing sense.

    This podcast was pretty insightful, and it’s brought into stark relief the choices a podficcer has to do for his art vs the fanficcer, and there needs to be compromise for both to meet (with a bit more bend from the writers part of the deal, tbh).

    Hopefully , I’ll be able to verbalise my thoughts and come back to this. Thank you for doing the podcast, it’s been helpful.

  14. semperfiona

    I’ve been binge listening to all the eps, so this talkback comments on several topics from across the two years of episodes.

    I forgot to ask, in the talkback: What’s a “usual” production rate for podfics? I have been doing three to five a year, but it seems like most people referenced in the show are far more prolific.

  15. glovered

    You mentioned needing topics for upcoming episodes — Could you do an episode highlighting upcoming podfic exchanges and challenges? I’m not sure if there are a lot of fandom-specific podfic exchanges, but this year’s round of the Supernatural Holiday Exchange cakehole_club (on LJ) is about to start again! It’s small but super fun.

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