Auralphonic 033: Recording Setup

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Join Hananobira and paraka as they respond to talkbacks and discuss their recording setups.

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  1. kaixo

    Re: Aurophonic 033

    Yikes at that writer saying that they doesn’t have BPs for podfic because they might not like the podficcer’s voice. *wince*

    I– okay. In a way, podfic isn’t technically for the writer , but for people who listen to said podficcers. I do have a BP on my profile, and so far, I’ve enjoyed the podfics that I’ve listened to of my work.
    However, even if I didn’t, I’d still wish the podficcer good luck and God Bless, and thank them for their time and efforts, because not everything is for everyone.

    With regards to asking author’s permission re: saying yes or no. I really hate the concept of The Dance of Permissions that podficcer’s need to do. Which is why I’d love for authors to just put a statement of permission on their profiles, even if it’s to say, “Hells, no keep your filthy mitts off my work.” I’m trying to encourage fellow fanficcers with whom I’m friendly to start doing that too, in order to smooth the way a bit.

    Thanks for the podcasts, they are really interesting!

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