Auralphonic 001: Multi-voice Podfics

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Join Dodificus, Jenepod, and Paraka as they talk about multi-voice podfics; what kinds are out there, how to organize one, what kind of story fits multi-voice and recs!

Links to all the sites and podfics discussed in the episode are below, or check out our pinboard.


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2 Responses to Auralphonic 001: Multi-voice Podfics

  1. Podfic, as an artform is really evolving, and I like to see how podficcers continue to push the boundries of collaborative art. Collaborations vary in quality, but I am excited about the things that I am seeing.

    The way music and effects are used. The way people alter voices to represent different people or different moods, the way sound effects are incorporated. I really feel that we are making something new and original here, and I am really impressed by it. So good of you to start this podcast to talk about it all.

    I wanted to add a rec to your list. It was released after your podcast so you may not have heard it yet, The Blue Guitar by cleanwhiteroom, elementals
    Fandoms: Pacific Rim (2013) .(
    They used original music, drafted family members as actors, and even have a male narrator. Check it out.

    Would love to see more discussion of music, effects, and ambiance.

    • auralphonic

      Thanks for the listen, and the comment. We’re glad you enjoyed the podcast and we’ll definitely check your rec out. It sounds really interesting – a family project! 🙂

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