Auralphonic 007: Tips for Newbies

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Join dodificus, jenepod and paraka as they discuss tips for newbie podficcers and rec some of their favourite podfics.

To find links to all the sites and podfics discussed in this and past episodes, check out our pinboard.


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2 Responses to Auralphonic 007: Tips for Newbies

  1. Yue-ix


    I’m listening to older episodes on my commutes and this one popped up. You mentioned not knowing how to go about finding newbies works to rec at the end (or not knowing when a work is a ‘first’). My own tips are to stalk the various “first podfic” AO3 tags (, and search for “podfic” on tumblr/twitter, or see it crop up somewhere else, then t follow-up on people asking questions on “how to begin”. These people often reach out to get feedback, and sometimes they only get answers or feedback from their entourage who are also new to the concept of podfics. If the messages are recent, it’s pretty safe to assume those works are from newbies and deserve extra attention, recs & love.

    It’s a bit more stalking effort just to leave a comment, but for me I just like to throw very enthusiastic cheering and congratulations on their first work their way, to encourage them to pursue this fannish expression (often response-less, lbr). New voices! New people! Bigger community! In places other than AO3, even, which is also fascinating. \o/

    Thank you for your podcasts guys! <3

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