Auralphonic 010: Non-Podficcer Collaborations

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Join Jenepod and Paraka as they discuss non-podficcer collaborations. Ways you can collaborate with other artists, authors and musicians, as well as our favourite recs and examples.

To find links to all the sites and podfics discussed in this and past episodes, check out our pinboard.

  • Lost History: Captain America Edition by Firefox, klb, pryxis, and reena_jenkins
  • create / detonate by reena_jenkins, written by pprfaith
  • Lady Grey & Apple Pie by knight_tracer, written by Rhea314
  • Sweet Sweet Love by Hananobira, Pennyplainknits and cmshaw, written by lightgetsin
  • Old Country by fayjay, written by astolat
  • Tales of Hell by belladonnanoir, written by somnolentblue
  • Open Scene by jenepod and Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hound Dog by theficisalie & inabathrobe
  • Carry Me Home by mific, written by busaikko
  • Podfic Big Bang
  • Leave the Signs and the Sirens by podlizzie, written by Out_there, music by joking
  • The Tower and the Arena by Pennyplainknits, written by jjtaylor
  • Sound Experiments in Transmutation by Pennyplainknits, written by jjtaylor
  • Je te veux by Pennyplainknits, toomuchplor, and xenakis
  • Spring Fling Anthology
  • 3DN Podfic AO3 Collection
  • 3 Day Novel Podfic Challenge
  • Merlin Out Loud – Podfic Bang
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