Auralphonic 012: AMA Part 1

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Join Dodie, Jenepod and Paraka as they answer your questions about podfic, discuss recent news about parakaproductions, and rec things they’ve recently been listening to. Don’t worry if your question isn’t answered in this episode, as part two is coming in December!

To find links to all the sites and podfics discussed in this and past episodes, check out our pinboard.

  • I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow by ofjustimagine, written by sunsetmog
  • Adventures in Solitude (we thought we lost you) by greedy_dancer, written by sunsetmog
  • We Just Lost the Beat by knight_tracer, written by lady_ragnell
  • The Roughest Day by kalakirya, written by elspethdixon and seanchai
  • It Was All An Accident by draconic_girl written by entangled_now
  • Apostle written and read by redibis
  • #Podfictits fanlore entry
  • Have a Happy Hobbit Holiday
  • Full Moon Radio by HalfFizzbin and otter
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    1. The Dragongirl

      As a follow up to my continued quest to find more general fandom activities that welcome podficcers, I have located another (sign-ups for which won’t even be closed before the next episode airs!). Hobbit Big Bang ( is welcoming podficcer sign ups as well as author sign ups.

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