Auralphonic 019: Garageband

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Join Dodificus and Jenepod as they discuss Apple’s Garageband program – tips, tricks, and getting started information for newbies. Guest starring exmanhater and hananobira sharing their Garageband expertise.

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  1. Hellloooooo

    here is a link to my talkback re: Garage band (where I neglected to go into details of the trouble I encounter when I want to export/output an MP3 /o\)


    And! for the next episode on posting, here is my talk forward

    and an older post about my posting process

    and… I forgot to talk about the difficulty of choosing *what* to post where (in which post do you put comments about making the podfic if you have any, do you choose to include bloopers or free talk at the end – though perhaps that’s not about posting per se – which tags do you use on AO3, on tumblr, etc…)

    anyway, that’s it from me! <333

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