Auralphonic 020 Posting Tips

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Join Dodificus, Jenepod and Paraka as they answer your questions and discuss their own thoughts on posting podfic. And as usual, recs and other random thoughts.

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  1. An Podfic Fan

    Hey Podfic experts! So, I’m a big fan, both of podfic and of your podcast, so I thought you all would be the people to go to with a kind of specific question I had. For a while now, I’ve been thinking about how I would really love to do podfic, because I’ve got some free time, I love reading out loud, and I generally think more podfic in the world = better world. However. I have concerns about anonymity – unusually serious concerns. I know this is going to sound like, staggeringly unhumble, but here’s the thing – I’m on a bit of a fast track politically. I’m 22, and I’ve already been elected to public office once, and now I’m off to one of the top two law schools in the US in the fall (I won’t say which – suffice to say being the youngest elected official in my locality did great things for my application)….I don’t know exactly what I want to do with my life but….it’s looking more and more like elected office is going to play some kind of role….certainly locally (again) at first, but after that, you know, who knows? And like…if I was just going into a Firm or whatever, I’d have no qualms about my actual voice out there reading smut out loud, you know? But, if there’s even the smallest chance my political career takes me to a wider audience….and I’m talking publicly a lot, and someone recognizes my voice….yikes. Yiiiiiikes. Not good. I know this is a slim possibility, but there’s enough of a chance that it’s stopped me from recording anything which is so annoying because I want to #Participate in podfic community, ya know? Okay, so long story short, and apologies for this super long question but……voice-changing software? Run across anyone paranoid enough to look into it? Is that even a thing? Is this just me? Or am I kinda out of luck here? Sorry for the weird question!

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