Auralphonic 022: Cover Art

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Join Paraka and Yue_XI as they discuss podfic cover art history, tips, tricks, resources, and say lot about fonts.

To find links to all the sites and podfics discussed in this and past episodes check out our pinboard

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  1. I finally got around to listening to this month’s episode and I wanted to comment on where to find resources and also about credit. I’m really meticulous about crediting my sources, because I think it’s important. We credit the author for the text, we would not podfic the work of someone who refuses permission, we credit cover artists if they’re not us – why don’t we credit the original photographer or the person who took the time to make the screencap?

    I use flickr a LOT to find images for cover art. You can narrow down the search options a lot (e.g. by colour) and you can also narrow it down by rights (which photographers have given permission for their work to be redistributed, modified, etc.). This goes hand in hand with my desire to credit appropriately and not to use artwork that people asked not to be used.

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