Auralphonic 028: How Platforms Affect Podfic

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Join Jenepod, and Paraka as they discuss the platforms they use and how they have shaped the podfics we make. Do they change how we create? If so, in what ways?

To find links to all the sites and podfics discussed in this and past episodes check out our pinboard

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  1. Loved this episode. I had so many thoughts, I am considering doing a talkback later, just wanted to make a quick note now.
    I tried you tube, but it refused to post my podfic saying it was too long due to previous content violations on You Tube made by my fan vids. Vidders have all sorts of problems with you tube (see I am lamenting the lack of a unified audio site after jinjurly’s archive problem. Now is the time to look for new sites, but content challenges are everywhere, and selfhosting isn’t always possible. I would appreciate your opinion on Not know for podfic, and I don’t know how it fits with their mission, but I have used it before (see It hosts, archives, and streams audio, but is not easy to use to find other podficcers.
    Anyway, love the show.

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