Auralphonic 029: Stargate: Atlantis Fandom

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Join anatsuno, Fleur, and Paraka as they discuss Stargate: Atlantis fandom; its great works and podficcers.

To find links to all the sites and podfics discussed in this and past episodes check out our pinboard


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3 Responses to Auralphonic 029: Stargate: Atlantis Fandom

  1. annapods

    Oh my gosh this podcast is amazing! I’m really enjoying learning about all those things (I’m taking notes) and getting all those recs and it’s so entertaining and charming to have it all happen in a conversation like that. I wish I’d known about it sooner, then I could have left comments on every episode! But at the same time, now I get to marathon it over the holidays, and that’s awesome too. Anyway, thank you so much for doing this, it’s probably a lot of work (my sympathies) but it’s really paying of! I look forward to hearing more of it.
    Btw, pinboard refuses to work for me, is that a problem with my computer or is it normal?

    • auralphonic

      I’m so glad you liked out show, and hey, if you have any specific thoughts to share on our older episodes, there’s no time limits on talkbacks. 🙂

      When you say pinboard won’t work for you, can you elaborate how it’s not working? Will it not load? Do you not see the links?

  2. annapods

    Alright then, I guess I’ll just have to do one epic feedback for all the episodes 😀
    About pinboard: it wouldn’t load, but now it works? Idk, it must be something with my computer.

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